Leadership & Cultural Programs

2011-2012 Outcomes   

We provided 118 programs and 353 hours of educational programming with a total attendance of 6,949 during the 2011-2012 academic.


 Students would recommend Leadership & Cultural Programs workshops to their friends.

  • On written evaluations where a ranking of 4 meant students would recommend a LCP workshop to a

 friend and a ranking of 5 meant students would highly recommend a LCP workshop to a friend, only two

 educational workshops ranked below a 4.0.

  • Omitting those two programs, LCP workshops received an average score of 4.57 regarding if a

  student would recommend a LCP workshop to a friend.  

 Student’s who attend Leadership & Cultural Program workshops indicate they have:

  •  Learned how to communicate in a constructive way when they have a problem or conflict.
  • Learned tactics that would assist them in resolving a conflict.
  • Have a greater understanding of why cultural experiences are valuable personally and professionally.  
  •  Learned how to present themselves professionally. 
  •  Understand four primary styles of leadership styles.
  •  Understand how situational factors influence what leadership style will be most effective in a situation.
  • Understand the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people and how to apply them as a student.
  •  Understand how mastering the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people can contribute to being an effective


 This information was compiled after examining written evaluations which consisted of a scale ranging from 1 to 5, where a ranking of 5 meant students strongly agreed with the statement. The statements above were rated as 4.40 or greater.

 Members of Chancellors Leadership Academy report they have learned:

  •  Their own and different personality types*
  •  How to work with individuals who are different from themselves.*
  •  Teamwork Skills*
  •  Communication Skills*
  •  How to Dress and Interact Professionally*
  •  Critical Thinking Skills**
  •  Interpersonal Skills**
  •  Ethics and Professionalism**
  •  Group Process Management**

 Members of Miner Mentors report they have learned:

  •  About Different Cultures, Beliefs, and Personalities
  •  Why it is important to learn about different cultures
  •  How to Run a Meeting
  • How to Facilitate a Discussion

 *Members of CLA and Miner Mentors were asked to provide statements indicating if

 they had learned anything through participating in these respective programs, and if so what.

 ** Student’s took the Missouri S&T Student Leadership Skills Inventory prior to and after

 participating in the Chancellor’s Leadership Academy and reported numeric gains of > 0.50 in these areas.


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